Visible $ value for Material/Freight/Surcharge Price+Amt+Tax in Ticket Query for Customer Profiles

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We have a lot of Customer's requests for Ticket query export to Excel with available $ value in Material/Freight/Surcharge Price+Amt+Tax fields.

Customers need to be able to print their own ticket query as a backup for the invoice with Truck ID and Hauler names visible for each ticket.
Estimators need to make Job summaries for several months with product codes and $ values for each ticket to control the job cost. They are requesting this info from Admins.
Full tickets query could help customers to process invoices that printed from another accounting programs without delays.

This option of full ticket query is available for Admin profiles.
Please make it look the same for billed out tickets for Customers profiles as well.

Under consideration Web Portal Suggested by: Anna Brezhneva Upvoted: 20 Jul, '22 Comments: 0

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