Query shorts cut, customer name shortcut, ticket search improvement

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Could the “query” button be in the middle of the page insteadof at the right side of the screen?  Mostof what I look up is on the left side of the screen.  Is there a short cut to “query”?  Something like “control Q”?  Are there any shortcuts?    Why when I put in a ticket number (which is unique) do Ihave to put in a date range?  I’musually  looking back a week or two and Ialways have to change the first date range. The purpose of a ticket number is uniqueness.  At the minimum when I enter a ticket number,the first date should be a week or two behind the second date.  I’ve just never worked anywhere where aticket number would be duplicated and needs a date range. Or maybe make the date range optional.  Or like in Quickbooks where you choose "all time, this week, this month, etc."  The default in quickbooks reports is usually all time.   Why do I have to find a “customer number” to find thecustomer?  Why can’t I just start typingin the customer’s name instead of going to a search butto

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